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Adult Program

A Comprehensive Program - 1 Course, for EVERYTHING.

We love the diversity of art. With us, you may take lessons with any teacher from our team of wide-ranging specialties. You will be able to learn how to combine various art mediums with different art styles. Take a break off your busy schedule and unwind with us through creating unique art pieces on subjects of your choice. 

Oil Painting

Since the Renaissance period to modern times,  it is undoubtedly a fact that artists from all eras have loved oil painting. The brightness and richness of the colours and its distinct scent and texture provides a sensuous delight. 



Creating paintings with greater depth by layering and blending with watercolours may sound difficult to handle, but we are confident in helping you overcome this challenge and become fond of the medium's beauty.


Acrylic Painting

With acrylics, you can paint fluidly with the medium watered down or add thick textures to create a whole new dimension. As the medium dries super quick, you can bring home your painting as soon as the lesson ends!


Sketching (Pencil & Charcoal)

The monochrome feature of sketching has its own attractiveness - it captures the beauty of light and shadows in varying shades of white, grey and black. Learning to sketch is very rewarding as it will help improve your composition in art of any other medium.



If you are fascinated by thick layers of paint that pop out from masterpieces like Van Gogh's "The Starry Night", we are glad to be able to introduce the impasto technique to you. You will learn how to add a three-dimensional look to your art pieces and bringing your paintings to life.

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