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Stay Positive,

Stay with Art Online!

Special Offer to Fight Together!

This is not an easy moment, but we have a belief, we can get over and keep up! Our teachers have never stopped the enthusiasm in art, and we have carried out more than 200 online art classes in this half year!


Artiste Studio

Explore. Experience. Enjoy


Our Studio Background

Balancing Technique and Interest in Art

Stemming from a small studio located in Mid-Levels, Artiste Studio has gradually evolved into a large art community for all passionate art lovers like us to learn, experience, share and interact. We hold strongly the belief that art has no limits and age does not define any boundaries here. Anyone can begin their own unique art journey at any point of their life, and we are at all times, ready and determined in guiding you to do so.

Artiste Studio focuses on the 3E's: Enjoy, Explore, Experience. We have created the perfect environment for anyone to enjoy the fun of creating, to ignite passion in exploring one’s own talents, and to experience the magical elements of art. The key to an everlasting journey of art is to achieve and sustain the balance in between developing artistic skills and pursuing interest in art.



課程強調3E:Enjoy, Explore, Experience 。我們創造環境,讓同學享受到藝術創作的樂趣,激發探索自己潛能的熱情,體驗屬於自己獨特的藝術之旅。



Our Location

We have 3 different locations in Hong Kong, each of them have an unique atmosphere and settings, feel free to choose the one you love most, or all of our places!


Studio @ North Point

Fitfort, G01

t: +852 2114 1668

Situated in Fitfort shopping centre, our studio in North Point takes up a convenient location in the district. Our glass wall design allows natural sunlight to enter the interior, creating a cozy and harmonic setup for painting.


Studio @ Mid-levels

Mosque Junction, No.29

t: +852 2858 9296

With a walk up from the Mid-Levels Escalators, you can easily reach our main campus located at a tranquil junction between the residential and Soho dining area. Immerse yourself in painting as you relax in the quiet and peaceful neighborhood.

Studio @ Tseung Kwan O

Popwalk I,  Shop 119

t: +852 2114 2083

Our new studio at the outdoor corridor of Popwalk 1 proudly made its debut in August 2018. Apart from enjoying art lessons with us, you can shop at our handcrafted items corner filled with pieces made by our teachers and local artists.


Our Programs

Learn and Grow


Kids Programs

Adult Programs

Art Party


Kids Programme

In our kids programme, students are classified into 8 groups to precisely reflect their learning progress and achievement standards. We believe this is key to a systematic education system, as well as providing a clear guideline for students and parents.


Level 01 Toddler Art Adventure

  • Begin your little baby's art journey with us and spark their interest in art through our program designed just for infants

  • 教師將會在保持小朋友純真天性的同時, 讓他們培養畫畫的興趣

Adult Program

A Comprehensive Program - 1 Course, for EVERYTHING.

We love the diversity of art. With us, you may take lessons with any teacher from our team of wide-ranging specialties. You will be able to learn how to combine various art mediums with different art styles. Take a break off your busy schedule and unwind with us through creating unique art pieces on subjects of your choice. 

Oil Painting

Since the Renaissance period to modern times,  it is undoubtedly a fact that artists from all eras have loved oil painting. The brightness and richness of the colours and its distinct scent and texture provides a sensuous delight. 



Creating paintings with greater depth by layering and blending with watercolours may sound difficult to handle, but we are confident in helping you overcome this challenge and become fond of the medium's beauty.


Acrylic Painting

With acrylics, you can paint fluidly with the medium watered down or add thick textures to create a whole new dimension. As the medium dries super quick, you can bring home your painting as soon as the lesson ends!


Sketching (Pencil & Charcoal)

The monochrome feature of sketching has its own attractiveness - it captures the beauty of light and shadows in varying shades of white, grey and black. Learning to sketch is very rewarding as it will help improve your composition in art of any other medium.



If you are fascinated by thick layers of paint that pop out from masterpieces like Van Gogh's "The Starry Night", we are glad to be able to introduce the impasto technique to you. You will learn how to add a three-dimensional look to your art pieces and bringing your paintings to life.

Tony 1.jpg

Art Party

Hosting a party for a special event? Why not include art to make it an even more enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Host your very own private painting party at any of our locations or we can bring the party to your place!

Corporate Team-Building

Wind down with your team in a stress-free art party organised by us and specifically tailored to suit your team’s unique culture and goals. Within the three hours, allow your team’s creativity to flow without limit and generate fresh & exciting ideas with your colleagues. Art is the best channel for you and your team to communicate and collaborate, and ultimately bringing the team spirit and bonding back into the office.

Kids’ Art Party

Choose any theme your kid wants, and our warm and friendly staff will bring your child’s dream to life. Through painting, we aim at igniting creativity in your little ones, and empowering them to express themselves boldly with their wild imaginations.  It will be a party they will never forget and they can take their artwork home with pride.


No matter what the special event it may be — a friends’ gathering, wedding proposal, bridal shower or baby shower, we want to help create a memorable experience just for you. Gather with your friends or loved ones in an art party hosted by us as we celebrate your special day.



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Teacher's Work








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Mid-levels +852 2858 9296 / North Point +852 2114 1668 / TKO +852 2114 2083

Mid-levels / North Point / Tseung Kwan O

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